Video done by one of my high school buddies! It was definitely quite an adventure trying to paint in NYC!

A street artists' Honeymoon in Santorini

As an artist, its rather difficult to separate life from Art. And as a street artist its even harder to separate a Honeymoon from a Painting-Trip. 


Painting in the mountains of Norway
Painting on free walls in Finland

A short video montage of my first cohesive spray paint series. I was able to accomplish 8 works on various free walls in Helsinki, which includes a piece done with children at a local school. All of the works are directly inspired from my travels there and are painted of individuals I met or symbolic resonances of my experience. Finland was tremendous in my development as an artist and vision for my future work.

Bumbing Happens Movie

This short film explains about the origins of "Bumbing Happens". An Art group started by David Popa and Peter Huang. More of their collaberative and solo work can be seen on facebook/ Bumbing Happens.